Vol 18 No 1, 2007

Table of Contents


Acute toxicity test of standardized ethanolic extract of Senggugu (Clerodendrum serratum L. Moon) root bark Untitled
Wahyono ., Lukman Hakim, Nurlaila ., Marlin Sulistio, Rosmulyati Ilyas 1-7
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm0iss0pp1-7 |Abstract view:196||Untitled download:345
Cytotoxic effects of an acidic Ribosome-inactivating Protein like protein isolated from Mirabilis jalapa L. leaves on cancer cell-lines Untitled
Sudjadi ., Lucia D. Witasari, Modesta T. Sadarum, Nia Nastity, Sismindari . 8-14
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm0iss0pp8-14 |Abstract view:103||Untitled download:95
The formation of tretinoin-PEG 6000 solid-solid solution to increase the dissolution rate of tretinoin Untitled
Christina Avanti 15-20
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm0iss0pp15-20 |Abstract view:96||Untitled download:162
Optimation of sodium citric and fumaric acid as acid sources in effervescent granule of Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. extract by wet granulation Untitled
A. Budi Susiana Lestari, Lisa Natalia 21-28
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm0iss0pp21-28 |Abstract view:120||Untitled download:212
Influence of administration of gadung corm ((Dioscorea hispida Dennst) infusion to decrease of blood glucose level at aloksan inducted male diabetic rats. Untitled
Endang Sri Sunarsih, Djatmika ., Retno Sri Utomo 29-33
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm0iss0pp29-33 |Abstract view:106||Untitled download:162
Tablet of captopril with a cross-linked system of alginate Untitled
Sukmadjaja Asyarie, Heni Rachmawati, Pricillia Sinambela 34-39
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm0iss0pp34-39 |Abstract view:81||Untitled download:918
Geometric Isomers and Cytotoxic Effect On T47D Cells of Curcumin Analogues PGV-0 and PGV-1 Untitled
Edy Meiyanto, Muhammad Da'i, Supardjan A. M., Umar Anggara Jenie 40-47
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm0iss0pp40-47 |Abstract view:88||Untitled download:106
The profile of propanolol HCl release from sustained release tablet with floating system used matrix Methocel K15M Untitled
T. N. Saifullah, Yandi Syukri, Rini Utami 48-55
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm0iss0pp48-55 |Abstract view:123||Untitled download:1098