Tracheospasmolytic activity of vitetrifolin-E isolated from the leaves of Vitex trifolia L.

G. Alam, I.G. Gandjar, Lukman Hakim, H. Timmerman, R. Veerporte, S. Wahyuono


In searching of tracheospasmolytic active compounds from Vitex trifolia, we are now reporting isolation and identification of vitetrifolin-E from active fraction obtained from n-hexane extract of V. trifolia. Vitetrifolin-E blocked spontaneous contraction of male guinea pig trachea induced by histamine and was active in a model using sensitized guinea pig trachea stimulated by ovalbumin. Vitetrifolin-E inhibited tracheal contraction by 22.6% at dose of 1.3 x 10-4 M and by 86.1% at dose of 4.10-4 M. In a model using sensitized male guinea pig trachea, vitetrifolin-E also inhibited the contraction 83.5% (1.3 x 10-5 M).

Keywords: vitetrifolin-E, Vitex trifolia, tracheospasmolytic

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