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The determination of ampicillin in tablets of branded and generic names by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) had been carried out. Using column selectosphere C18 (25cm x 4,6 mm) as stationary phase; water : acetonitrile : potassium phosphate 1 M : acetic acid 1 N (909+80+10+1) V/V as mobile phase; flow rate = 2,5 ml/minute; sensitivity = 0,08 AUFS and uv detector at 254 nm wave length. Identification of ampicillin BPFI, ampicillin (Pharos), and ampicillin in tablets of branded and generic names got the retention time 5 minutes.

Determination of calibration curve linearity showed a linear correlation between the peak area versus concentrations from 200 to 700 g/ml with the correlation coefficient, r = 0,9984 and got the equation of regression Y = 249,89 X - 4305,15. The recovery test of ampicillin (Pharos) showed the concentration 99,36%104,76% with deviation standard = 1,6447; relative error = 2,06% and coefficient of variation = 1,61%. The quantification of ampicillin in tablets with generic names showed the concentration = 99,69%104,99% (PT. Indofarma); 91,03%97,53% (PT. Phapros); 95,70%102, 44% (PT. Farma); and for tablets of branded names namely : Binotal (PT. Bayer) = 93,38%99,44%; Kalpicillin (PT. Kalbe Farma) = 91,41%97, 95%; Parpicilin (PT, Prafa) = 97,19%101,67% and Cetacilin (PT. Soho) = 95,60%98,58%. All samples fulfilled the requirement of Farmakope Indonesia fourth edition (1995) namely containing ampicillin not less than 90,0% and not more than 120,0% from the label declared.

Key words : HPLC, Ampicillin, assay

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14499/indonesianjpharm0iss0pp223-232


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