Ritmaleni Ritmaleni, Muhammad Fajar Arifin, Ni Putu Linda Laksmiani, Rumiyati ., Sismindari .


LR-2(4-phenyl-3,4-dihydro-indeno[2’,1’]pyramidine-2(1H)- thione;  Leni  Ritmaleni  2),  which  designed  and  assumed  to  have biologically  activity  as  anticancer,  has  been  successfully synthesized  by  using  the  Biginelli  reaction.  This  research  was aimed  to  investigate  the  effect  of  benzaldehyde  excess  in  the synthesis  of  LR-2  and  to  evaluate  the  cytotoxic  activity  of  LR-2

against HeLa cancer cell lines. The synthesis was done by reacting benzaldehyde, 2-indanone and together  with thiourea at one time as  said  as  one  pot  reaction  synthetic  methodology  and  the reaction was acid catalysed. The mole equivalent of benzaldehyde was  in  excess  compare  to  others.  The  effect  of  benzaldehyde  in excess is the higher the mole of benzaldehyde, the lower the yield of  LR-2.  The  cytotoxicity  of  LR-2  was  done  by  using  MTT  method and the LC50 was 268.15 μM.

Key words : LR-2, benzaldehyde, cytotoxic, HeLa


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14499/indonesianjpharm23iss1pp9-17


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