Single dose trypanocide surveillance of diminazene aceturate on mice infected by trypanosoma

Mochamad Lazuardi


Diminazene aceturate is one of a limited number compounds currently market for treatment infection cases of infection blood eucaryot parasits llike a Leishmania, and Trypanosoma The research design of this research was post test only control groups design for founding single therapeutics dose of the eukariyot parasite blood. The serial range dose of this research was used at 1,5 to 4 mg/kg bw by intraperitoneal administreted to infected mice (Mus musculus albinus) of the Trypanosoma evansi Bangkalan isolates. The result of this research showed the minimum single therapeutics dose at 3,5 mg/kg bw (p<0.05). The recommended of this result research was
application of diminazene aceturate in parasitemia cases better using by multiple dose at more than 3.5 mg/mg bw.
Key words : Diminazene aceturate, T. evansi, Haemoflagelates

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