Phalerin, a new benzophenoic glucoside isolated from the methanolic extract of Mahkota Dewa [Phaleria macrocarpa (scheff). Boerl.] leaves

Mae Sri Hartati W, Sofia Mubarika, Ibnu G Gandjar, Mark T Hamann, KV Rao, Subagus Wahyuono


Mahkota Dewa [Phaleria macrocarpa (Scheff). Boerl.] is used traditionally to treat cancers in Indonesia. Extract methanol of the leaves displayed a small LC50 value (63.16 μg/ml) on BST (Brine Shrimp Lethality test) assay; therefore a phytochemical study of this extract was undertaken. A new benzophenoic glucoside was isolated from the methanol extract and identified as 4,5-dihydroxy,4’-methoxybenzophenone-3-0-β-D-glucoside (Phalerin) based on its spectroscopic data. Phalerin was cytotoxic to myeloma cell line (NS-1) (in vitro) having IC50 of 83 μg/ml or 1.9 x 10-1 mM.
Key words: Phaleria macrocarpa, Phalerin, myeloma

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