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Thank you for visiting Indonesian Journal of Pharmacy (ISSN-e: 2338-9486, ISSN-p: 2338-9427), formerly Majalah Farmasi Indonesia (ISSN: 0126-1037). The journal had been established in 1972, and online publication was begun in 2008. Since 2012, the journal has been published in English by Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta Indonesia in collaboration with IAI (Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia or Indonesian Pharmacist Association) and only receives manuscripts in English. Indonesian Journal of Pharmacy is Accredited by Directorate General of Higher Education (DGHE) DIKTI No. 30/E/KPT/2018.

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Since 2018 start form Vol 29 Issue 1 Indonesian Journal of Pharmacy has been indexed by Scopus. Therefore in order to maintain quality and timely publication, any accepted manuscript for publication which had been submitted after January, 1st 2019 will be charged for USD 100 per manuscript as the Publication Fee. Article(s) with colored Figures or Graphs will be charged for additional fee as much as USD 50 for each page with an agreement between the Author and the Editors.

Posted: 2019-01-17
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Vol 30 No 4, 2019

Table of Contents


The effect of Phyllanthus niruri L extracts on human leukemic cell proliferation and apoptosis induction PDF
Nanda Ayu Puspita, Hasen Alhebshi 241
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp241 |Abstract view:0||PDF download:0
The Effect of Ursolic Acid from Plantago Lanceolata Leaves on Leukocytes Migration and Chemokines Level PDF
Nanang Fakhrudin, Yuvianti Dwi Franyoto, Eny Dwi Astuti, Arief Nurrochmad, Subagus Wahyuono 252
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp252 |Abstract view:5||PDF download:1
Effects of Peel Extract from Citrus reticulata and Hesperidin, A Citrus Flavonoid, on Macrophage Cell Line PDF
Muthi’ Ikawati, Inna Armandari, Annisa Khumaira, Yogi Ertanto 260
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp260 |Abstract view:0||PDF download:0
Potential Deleterious Effects of L-Citrulline Supplementation in Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Infarction: Focus on Nitrosative Stress PDF
Gregorius Bhaskara Wikanendra, Wawaimuli Arozal, Kusmardi Kusmardi, Vetnizah Juniantito, Andrea Laurentius 269
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp269 |Abstract view:0||PDF download:0
Response Surface Methodology used in the Optimization of RP-HPLC Condition for Quantitative Analysis of Carmine and Rhodamine B PDF
Reyna Nuvitasari, Abdul Rohman, Sudibyo Martono 276
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp276 |Abstract view:99||PDF download:18
Quantitative Analysis of Multi-components in Curcuma xanthorrhiza by Single Marker PDF
Badrunanto Badrunanto, Wulan Tri Wahyuni, Mohamad Rafi 285
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp301 |Abstract view:0||PDF download:0
The capability of Several Population-based Approach Software to Analyze Sparse Drug Plasma Concentration Data after Intra-Venous Bolus Injection PDF
Akhmad Kharis Nugroho, Lukman Hakim 293
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp293 |Abstract view:90||PDF download:15
Pharmacoeconomic Rationale of Zinc Supplementation In The Management of Acute Diarrhea In Children With Rotavirus Infection In Indonesia PDF
Mohamad Saifudin Hakim, Serhii Soloviov, Hera Nirwati, Yati Soenarto, Iryna Dzyublyk, Maryia Leleka, Viktor Trokhymchuk 301
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp285 |Abstract view:153||PDF download:49
Quality of Life of Patient with Hypertension in Primary Health Care in Bandar Lampung PDF
Sudewi Mukaromah Khoirunnisa, Atika Dalili Akhmad 309
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp309 |Abstract view:0||PDF download:0
In Vitro Study: Effect of Cobalt(II) Chloride Against Dengue Virus Type 1 in Vero Cells PDF
Teguh Hari Sucipto, Yovilianda Maulitiva Untoro, Harsasi Setyawati, Anisa Maharani, Novia Faridatus Sholihah, Siti Churrotin, Ilham Harlan Amarullah, Soegeng Soegijanto 316
DOI:10.14499/indonesianjpharm30iss4pp316 |Abstract view:0||PDF download:0