Methyleugenol, a major metabolite on culture of endophytic fungi isolated from pandan wangi plant

Andria Agusta, Yuliasri Jamal, Praptiwi .


Two kinds of endophytic fungi i.e. Colletotricum sp. PWD2 and Coelomycetes PWA1 isolated from pandan wangi (Pandanus amarylifolius) have been cultivated in a liquid medium, GYP for 3 weeks at room temperature without agitation. The ethyl acetate extracts derived from liquid cultures showed antifungal activity against Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The GC-MS analysis results showed methyleugenol as main metabolite in the ethyl acetate extract of both fungi cultures.

Key words: pandan wangi, Pandanus amarylifolius, endophytic fungi, antifungal, methyleugenol


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