Factor Analysis that Influence the Availability of Drugs During JKN Era

Satibi Satibi


The availability of drugs is important during National Social Healthy Insurance (JKN) that put into effect in the hospital, one of health service facility. The purpose of this research is to learn that drugs are available during JKN era and what factors influence the availability of it in three Region General Hospitals in Sulawesi. This research is conducted by using descriptive method of analytic to get a correlation among doctors, pharmacists and patients as independent variables toward the availability of medicine as dependent variable. Research has been done in 3 hospitals in Sulawesi. Research has been done in 3 hospitals in Sulawesi This data analyzed by using statistical model of Regression Analysis Linier with F test or ANOVA test and t test. The results showed the level of drug availability in hospital A 12.49 months. Factors that influence the availability of drugs are doctors with the value of R 0,778 (P= 0,000), pharmacists with the value of R 0,619 (P= 0,000) and patients with the value of R 0,653 (P= 0,000). From multi linier regression test we got the value of R 0,675 (P= 0,000). Hospital B had an excess supply of drugs, with the average of 23,31 month. The result of questionnaire data on the simple linear hypothesis test is the value of R of doctor factor is 0,877, pharmacist staff factor is 0,861, and patient factor is 0,984 with value of P is 0,000. Result of multiple linear regression is value of R 0,901(P= 0,000). Data of the availability of medicine in hospital C is categorized excess as the average of stock is 56,01 month. Result of questionnaire data on the simple linear test is R doctor factor that gotten from the result of analyzed is R 0,753 (P= 0,000). Pharmacies staff factor value is R 0,869, (P= 0,000) and value from patients factor is R 0545 (P= 0,001)


JKN; availability of drugs factor; doctors factor; pharmacists factor and patients factor

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14499/indonesianjpharm29iss1pp%25p


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